Experts in the Field - Peggy

April’s Expert in the Field focuses on a team member who oversees an area of business we have yet to cover in one of these segments. Peggy Hurley is General Manager of Retail Services at Arnoff and recently earned her certification as a Professional Certified Packing Specialist with the Association of Mail and Business Centers. While her day-to-day responsibilities cover management of retail services, Peggy has assisted on many miscellaneous projects for our executive and marketing teams, as well as dedicating time to help The Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation.

In Poughkeepsie, and just over the border in Lakeville, CT, you’ll find Arnoff’s Pack & Ship retail stores. Along with her team, Peggy manages these two locations, as well as portable- and self-storage rentals. With all the various solutions we provide through our household moving and global logistics sectors, the retail and mini storage are small but mighty services that we provide to our customers.

Anyone who has ever received a package through the mail knows it can take a beating through transit. That’s where Peggy and her team come in. Their professional packing expertise is constantly working against the rigors of shipping to ensure that if we pack it, we are doing so with the best materials and skills to help it arrive safely at destination. We’ve seen a lot of unique pieces come through our doors. Peggy’s most memorable packing job was a tiffany-style lamp shade that a customer looked to us to ship. Peggy did everything she could to protect that piece, so much so that the customer called her to thank her and let her know it arrived perfectly.

Peggy considers herself a “Pack & Ship Therapist.” She understands the key to good customer service is to listen. Often, when an issue arises or a customer runs into a problem, the solution can be found simply by listening to what they need and taking an action to best serve our customers.

We had a customer ship their package from our facility nearly a year ago, and the receiving party claimed the item never arrived, but the customer did not have the tracking information from her shipment to confirm:

“Peggy went out of her way to help get me the tracking number I needed to locate the [item]… Peggy didn't hesitate a second when it came to helping me! She kept me informed through email every step of the way to let me know how her progress was coming along. I can't say enough about her and what an asset she is to Arnoff.  The world needs more people like Peggy working for them!” – Happy Customer

At the end of the day, Peggy says it’s a team effort so a special shoutout goes to Lori & Michael in Lakeville, Michele in Poughkeepsie, and Curtis delivering our portable storage units. An all-around great team Peggy is proud to have.

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