Everyone uses logistics in their lives, often without realizing it. You may be a mom scheduling your family’s activities — one child to soccer, another to dance class, picking them both up afterwards at specific times in order to get back home in time for a dinner you planned to serve at 6:30. Or you may be a student who has a tight schedule of classes with deadlines for tests, homework and projects, including the scheduling of when you can be at your part-time job. Or you may be a transportation company scheduling daily routes of trucks, crews and freight so that pickups and deliveries coincide on time for customers.

Logistics is the process movers use to plan a schedule of events that achieve a desired end result. In the transportation industry, every detail of a customer’s move falls under the umbrella of logistics. When a customer needs relocation services, a moving company plans all the necessary details, including implementing the relocation and controlling the details that occur between pickup at origin and delivery at destination.

What does logistics include? Planning, planning and more planning, checking and double checking! And then after everything is confirmed, there may be last-minute changes made by the customer that can cause major readjustments to the plans, or there may be weather conditions that cause delays in travel. A good logistics provider is flexible and creative, finding a way to make the relocation happen on time.