There are times when a moving crew and standard moving truck are not enough. For larger, unique items you will need to use a mover with rigging experience.

What is Rigging?

Rigging involves the design and installation of equipment to prepare an item to be moved. These items can be heavy pieces of machinery or large-scale objects that require the use of specialized systems and equipment to prepare the item for transportation. Although not always a requirement of the job, the ability to transport or stores these items can be an extra benefit that a company can provide for the customer.

Rigging Services

The types of equipment and commodities we move for our clients vary. Regardless of scope or size, Arnoff Global Logistics' Rigging Division can hoist and transport anything from laser equipment and air conditioning units to antiques, machinery, and sculptures. Our professionals are capable of rigging and transporting major pieces of art and very fragile items with proficiency.

Just a fraction of the equipment we move:

  • High-value inventory
  • Air handling units, Boilers, Heaters
  • Diesel generators
  • Printing presses and equipment
  • Machine shops
  • Sculptures
  • Safes
  • Semi-Conductor Chip FAB Equipment
  • Solar Wafer processing tools

A Few of the Key Resources We Have to Help Our Customers

Air Skates

Members of the Arnoff team are trained and skilled at utilizing air skates, mainly working with semiconductor facilities on moving large, heavy machinery. This equipment creates a thin cushion of air that the item floats on and can be moved around more easily than traditional skates.


Working similarly to a crane, a gantry lifts heavier items using hooks attached at the top.

Forklifts (AKA Big Bird and Little Bird)

These two are small in stature but have high rigging capacity (36k lbs. and 15.5k lbs). They are the most versatile tools our rigging team has to lift and transport heavy items as they can be used for projects big and small.

Landoll 4

Just like a flatbed tow truck, the landoll trailer angles the bed to allow loading straight from ground level (instead of using a dock). This allows us to load items more easily onto the trailer as well as transport some of the equipment mentioned above to job sites.


The most important asset to our company finding solutions to complex rigging jobs is our team members. With years of experience and dedication to their work, our experts are highly trained and skilled in the use of equipment as well as proper safety procedures on the job.

Join Our Team

Want to join our Rigging team? We’re hiring for a wide variety of positions in logistics. Call 800-633-MOVE or email to speak with one of our HR team members.