The garage is one of the easiest traps when collecting clutter. People tend to overlook their garages or put them off until the last minute when packing and moving their belongings. When you get to work on your garage, it can get intimidating, and you might not know where to start. Here, we’ll share a few pro tips from a professional residential moving team to help you get the job done.


We will start with an easy one--grills. There really isn't anything more you need other than a strap to ensure it is secure. Check that the grates on the interior of your grill are secured or taken out to protect your grill from potential damage. If you use a propane grill, it is not recommended to move with your tank for safety reasons. Disconnect the tank and recycle it anywhere that sells propane.

Paint and Flammable Liquids

It is not a wise decision (and likely even illegal) to pack and move with these materials for obvious safety issues. Call your local officials for help. They can direct you to a place that will dispose of these items safely and responsibly.


If you are the individual driving your moving truck, then it is going to make it difficult to take your personal vehicle. Or if it's a higher-end expensive car that you don't want to add the unnecessary miles, especially on a more extended move, then there is an excellent way to avoid this issue. 

Most professional trailers have the room to accommodate a car or you can use a custom crate option. Contact your local moving company, like Arnoff Moving and Storage, for the necessary steps. Look into purchasing any reimbursement options the moving company may offer to cover accidents or damage.


Motorcycles might be small, but they still present a challenge when moving. Motorcycles easily tip over and can cause damage to both your bike and whatever is packed with it. Look into another custom crating that will completely enclose your motorbike. You need to ensure that the bike is strapped correctly down while it's being put in its crate.

Lawncare and Landscaping

The biggest problem with lawncare and landscaping tools is that they either contain gas and oil or lithium batteries. Either way—they’re a problem when it comes time to move. First, consider the value of the equipment. If it’s in good condition and worth the hassle, then going to the extra effort to move it is probably worth it. However, old and well-used equipment might be better off being recycled. If you do plan to move your equipment, you’ll need to drain the oil and gas from the engine or remove the batteries and travel those separately.

Unwanted Items

Everyone has clutter and when you move it often feels like a lot of clutter. It seems like you always find items you no longer want or need. The best way to deal with this is to gather all unwanted items that are still in good usable shape and donate them to local charities. For large metal items, consider taking them to a scrap recycling yard.


Many people use their garages as a workshop and have accumulated quite the collection of tools and equipment. Most tool chests can lock, so you can leave your tools in the drawers, lock them up, and put them on the trailer. Your larger floor tools might need a custom crate to move them safely and properly. Remember tools are typically made from steel—and are heavy.

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